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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 days!!! ...really?!

Wow, I really only have 10 days left before I leave to begin a new adventure in another country!!
This week has been a little tough for me so far...after having a lovely Christmas break, I returned to work on Monday. This is my last week of work at Roseville High and Friday will be my last day. I'm sure Friday will be a difficult day for me...I have worked with some truly amazing students and staff in my 5 years at the high school. This past semester saw some huge leaps for some of our students and those leaps have completely melted my heart and I hope the hard work continues for them.
I have also been researching about the team I'm going to be playing for. The above picture is the stadium we will be playing at in Cloppenburg. I'm so excited reading about the team and researching the town and surrounding areas. I can't wait to go and make a difference on the field. I have been training so much and reading articles (translated - of course) about the town and the team. It gives me that extra excitment/motivation to keep training harder!!
I'm so excited to head out in 10 days but also sad to leave my soccer kids for so long...also my family and friends of course ;0 I hope to be able to see as many people as possible before I head out .... BUT, if we happen to miss one another, I hope ya'll will keep in touch through this blog with comments or email me on my yahoo account: kat.brenneman@yahoo.com or my soccer website email (http://www.soccerwithkat.com/ - soccerwithkat@gmail.com)
Happy Late Tuesday Night...off to bed and hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday!!!
- Kat :)
PS...check out the Cloppenburg Time clock at the top right corner of this blog...then you'll see the time difference ... it's gonna be crazy adjusting to the 9 hr change ;)


  1. Kat - Yes I bet it is scary to leave for another country, but I think you will Love Germany. We can't wait to get there.

  2. True, true! I'm so excited for you guys to be over there as well!

  3. Hi Ms. B! I read your blog and had tears in my eyes. :( I'm going to miss you very much! Hope to see you when you come to visit RHS! Take care and Goodluck.