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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday update!!!

Yesterday I got a bit sick and was stuck in bed. I believe it was a combination of food, lack of water and sleep. I slept most of the day so not much to write about there! haha!
Today we got in a nice 40min run and did a workout at the gym together...we followed up our workout with SUBWAY and a bit of window shopping.
Thursday we have our physicals and then a team meeting. I'm so excited to meet the whole team in person and have our first team meeting together. We have a scrimmage match coming up. I don't know who we are playing, but I'm just excited we have a game! Then....we head off to Mallorca, Spain for our week training camp!! I'm so excited!!
When we come back I hope to have lots of fun pictures and then pictures of our apartment. We will be moving into an apartment after Spain! Lots of exciting things ahead and I'm so excited to get on the pitch.

Hope everyone is doing well back in the States! I got to speak with my family on the skype and it was so awesome. I miss my family already and my dog! Just seeing them on skype made me feel better!

I will write again soon...


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