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Friday, January 21, 2011

Spain...here I come!!

Today was a good day! We woke up and had breakfast just as we usually do ;) Then Lui from the newspaper joined us! He is so nice...we like him a lot -- Hi Lui, if you are reading this! :)

We then took our pictures with our team jersey.

After this, we went for a walk around town and shopped a bit. We all got a pastry!! I love them!!

There are a lot of good treats here in Cloppenburg. We took naps and then had lunch at a nice cafe. The bread is so tasty here. It is so fresh and delicious.

We had our first scrimmage game against a young mens team tonight. It was pretty cold and muddy but the game was good. We only lost 1-0 I believe. I'm so excited to head to training camp and develop as a group. We did well tonight not knowing each other well and not being able to speak the same language. I'm excited to see how it will be after we get used to one another play.

I will post some pictures of my time in Spain once that time is over ;)

Here is a photo from our locker room before the game...we had a picture of us in our uniforms on Jackie's phone, but her backpack was stolen from the locker room and now we lost all those pictures and her phone :(

I got to talk on skype with my family tonight...it was great to see them and hear their voices! :) That really made my evening a good one...well it is really late here...I should be off to bed.



  1. Like I have said before...I'm so happy for you. You look as though you are really taking in the whole experience. Love you.

  2. Oh My Gosh!! I can't believe they are sending you to Spain instead!! That is way cool! You are going to have so many stamps on your passport. All is well at Roseville High, and I keep thinking how quiet it is around here without you. I know you are on a great adventure. Please keep us posted!

    Kellie Morehouse