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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

busy busy busy!!!

I have been so busy this week preparing to head off to Germany...

training, dentist appointment, shopping (for WARM things!!) and getting organized with what I want to take...still trying to decide what to squeeze into my suitcase!

Just a couple more days before I head off for a LONG day of travel...

I'm starting to get a little sad...I'm going to MISS something A LOT!! My baby, mi amor, my little Benito ...

This is my little 1 year and 4 month old Yorkie Poodle Mix Benito...He is my best little buddy and I'm going to miss him. Thank goodness my parents are going to watch him for me while I'm gone!

Okay...enough about that sad stuff ;) I'm so excited to get this adventure started!!! I was so excited to wake up this morning from an email from one of my new teammates...and then after my training session, I checked my phone and I had an email from another new teammate. They were so friendly and I'm so excited to meet them and the rest of the team and BVC organization!

Well...that's it for today...I will probably post again the night before or morning I leave. I'm looking forward to my double day of training tomorrow and fun dinner with some close family and friends!!!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT week so far...



  1. We'll be following you! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures. The boys will be praying for your baby [Benito] and you too. Aunt Katie

  2. Thanks for the comment Aunt Katie... I love it and I love you guys so much!!! Much Love, Kathleen :)