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Sunday, January 16, 2011

HALLO from Germany!!!

Hello everyone back in the US...I made it to Cloppenburg, Germany safely. It was a long day of travel and I'm pretty tired right now.

We got us this morning and went to breakfast down at the hotel. Our hotel is nice and we are staying here for a bit before moving in to an apartment I believe. Instead of going to Turkey for camp, it turns out we will be heading to Spain. I'm really excited to start camp with the team.

After breakfast, we had a short interview with a man from the newspaper and he took our photo. We headed over to see the stadium and met some of the girls at a party. One of the girls got player of the year and they were celebrating for her. It was a nice party, but I felt bad because I wasn't very talkative because I was a bit nervous not understanding the language.

I think I wil be taking German classes so I can learn the language. I love to chat with people as most of you know and would love to be able to understand or communicate effectively with people here.

The town is beautiful and so cute. I love the street in front of our hotel. There are shops and cafes.

Well that's about all for now I think...I'm just resting up and relaxing a bit now...

Looking forward to getting out for a run/workout tomorrow...I want to be ready for Spain.

-Kat :)

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