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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Game Update!!!

We traveled to Keil today to play a match in some COLD weather. There was snow on the ground around the outskirts of the field. Brrr...

This was a MUST WIN game for us ... well, ALL of them are must wins if you ask me ;) But needless to say, this was an important game for us.

We started out the first half a bit shaky. I'd say we didn't control the ball as well as we can. I for one was a bit slower than normal and not quite on my A-game. We ended the first half 0-0. I was sore in the locker room at half time...at points in the game I felt like I was wrestling more than playing soccer. These Keil girls were all over us. Hitting from behind and grabbing shirts.

Anywho...the second half was much better for us. After a nice inspirational talk from coach, we went out there and showed Keil who we were. After getting fouled myself, Kim (German) our captain, took the free kick and scored a sweet goal!! Woo Hoo...go Kim!!! Then our second goal was of a cross from your's truly ... aka ME! ;) I crossed the ball and Chelsea (Ohio-American) faked a kick and it went by her to Jackie (Cali-American) who finished the ball lovely into the back of the net.
Our last goal came after Fattke (German) was fouled in the center of the field just past the 18yd box. She took the free kick and Marieke (German) helped it into the back of the net. We were SOOOO PUMPED!!!


We won our game today against Keil 3-0!!!

Our bus ride home and dinner were lots of fun ;)

Looking forward to our next game already!!! It will be a home game against a team named Oldesloe...I believe that's how it is spelled....

Hope all is well and everyone had a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

-KAT :)

PS...Thank goodness Lui was there before the game started for an important part of our win ;) 2 times!!! hahaha!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello RHS!!!


I got a message from a former student ... Jordan Farris (pictured above) ... he is a great kid who is working so hard now, not always the case in the past...he is PASSING all of his classes so far and I'm soooo PROUD of him for making changes and doing well...so everyone out there give this kid a round of applause....he deserves it...

So HELLO to the rest of RHS --- I wanted to write and say HELLO and I MISS everyone lots. I hope all is well at the school and everyone is doing GREAT! I'm really enjoying my time in Germany. I was riding my bike through town today and realized...dang, I really like Germany! My mom will be visiting me March 19th for a couple weeks so I'm really excited.



-Kat :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

BVC FANS!!!!!!!

I was sitting here thinking today about the BVC Fans that were at the game yesterday. I was so impressed with the support our team gets. There were so many people out there in the freezing cold watching, screaming, cheering and blowing horns. It was so AWESOME!! I just want to THANK the fans for coming out and supporting us. It means a lot as a player on the field...that kind of excitement and energy really spills over onto the field and it was so great.

So that BVC Fans for coming out to the game yesterday! We hope to see you again at our next game...and BRING a friend and let's get LOUD! :)

-Kat Brenneman
#20 ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Official Game - Update!

We tied the first place team this afternoon... 1-1

I was really happy with the outcome...obviously I would have love to beat them and won the game, but our team made big steps and have improved so much in playing together. I would say everyone gave it there all on the field today and played their hearts out.


Just wanted to give you a quick update.... also you better believe I went over to the Ice Cream place and treated myself to a spaghetti ice!!!

-Kat :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's been a while!!!

Sorry I haven't posted much ... Not too much to write about!

I have been sleeping and training a lot. We have our first official match coming up this Sunday at our home Stadium at 2pm!!

I'm excited to play our first game!!!!

We have just been meeting lots of new people and riding our bikes around town!

I FELL OFF MY BIKE last night....the four of us went to go train and get some extra practice in last night and on the way home in the dark I missed the curb and fell really hard off my bike...

It is funny NOW, but I was laughing and crying on the ground in the street. I hurt my knee a little bit and my elbow, but I think it is just a big bruise and cut and will be fine :)

Of course I fall off my bike...I'm sure that is no surprise to my friends and family back home...silly Kat/Kathleen/Gata ... right?!!? haha!

I got a lovely package this morning from a sweet lil girl I trained in US!! Amaya Menezes!! There were some American candy, magazine and a lovely card. It really made my morning and I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

I look forward to updating you on how our game goes this weekend...we are playing the 1st place team, so it should be a tough match...we will be ready for it....Look out Hamburg, Kat Attack is gonna get ya!! ;) hahaha!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's DAY!!!

I love Valentine's Day!!

I really enjoy anything celebrating love and happiness! :)

I hope all my family and friends have a wonderful day...even if they don't have a significant other...who cares! :)

I love you!
;) hahaha!

I will have a pastry for everyone!!!
really...nothing special since I've done it everyday since coming to Germany!

-Kat (aka) single gal in Germany ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I love the bike I have ... Thanks to Bertis Bikes!!! :)

You better believe I will be posting a pic of my new bike named "Kat's Black Panther!" It's an all black bike ;)

The others named their bikes as well....

Chelsea - Pfeppermint
Jackie - Midnight Express
Caitlin- Basket Case (her bike has two baskets, ha!)

I have almost been hit by a car twice...and I've only had the bike 1 day! hahaha! I need to learn all the rules of the bikes here....People use bikes here MUCH MORE than where I live...

Well...we have been having training sessions, scrimmages and spinning classes....We have our first official game against a strong team this Sunday...everyone send good vibes over to Germany for me ;)

Hope all is well....and Valentine's Day is coming up....SOOOOO HAPPY V-DAY to everyone at home...Love all my family and friends soooo much! I'm sure I'll go buy myself a heart shaped cookie or something and call it a Happy Vday ;) hahahaha!!


Sunday, February 6, 2011


This was a great week ...

Our team is coming together well ... We are playing better each game and every practice. We are getting to know how each other plays and also getting to know one another better! It is a lot of fun!

We had a spinning class this week ... I have never taken a spinning class, but I really enjoyed it! Only thing is my butt hurts hahaha! Those bike seats are so tiny and hard ...

Last night we had lots of fun....the hotel we stay at had a party in their Bistro. It was a lot of fun :) We danced, ate, drank and sang all night long ...
Hope everyone else had a GREAT WEEK ... Have fun watching the SUPERBOWL and the commercials...I will miss having the fun snacks and laughing with my family all day.

Miss Everyone LOTS but I'm having fun!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Things!!!

10 Things I'm liking about Germany and Cloppenburg so far....I'm sure more to come later!!!

1- The teammates are awesome...so friendly, helpful and a lot of fun.

2- The coaches are really good and helpful.

3- The Bakery!!!

4- Lui - he is the BEST!

5- The people who work at the hotel

6- High top shoes

7- Train system

8- all the tea and coffee

9- dogs in stores (dogs are allowed in stores here...it is sooo cute!)

10- Spaghetti Eis!!!!!!!!!!!! (my favorite)
That is just my short list for now....Last night we had practice at 8pm. The ground was frozen and there was rain/snow coming from the sky. It was amazing. I have never played or practiced in this kind of weather. Everything was frozen....the street, my hair, eyebrows, car windows, the field and at times the ball had frost on it. This has been such a cool and different experience. If someone would have asked me before if I would ever play soccer in this weather, I never would have thought it. But, despite being cold...always! I'm having SO MUCH FUN!!! I have a lot of respect for German soccer players. They play through some tough weather. I'd say I'm spoiled coming from California.
I hope to update again tomorrow sometime after our scrimmage...if not, sometime this weekend!