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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Things!!!

10 Things I'm liking about Germany and Cloppenburg so far....I'm sure more to come later!!!

1- The teammates are awesome...so friendly, helpful and a lot of fun.

2- The coaches are really good and helpful.

3- The Bakery!!!

4- Lui - he is the BEST!

5- The people who work at the hotel

6- High top shoes

7- Train system

8- all the tea and coffee

9- dogs in stores (dogs are allowed in stores here...it is sooo cute!)

10- Spaghetti Eis!!!!!!!!!!!! (my favorite)
That is just my short list for now....Last night we had practice at 8pm. The ground was frozen and there was rain/snow coming from the sky. It was amazing. I have never played or practiced in this kind of weather. Everything was frozen....the street, my hair, eyebrows, car windows, the field and at times the ball had frost on it. This has been such a cool and different experience. If someone would have asked me before if I would ever play soccer in this weather, I never would have thought it. But, despite being cold...always! I'm having SO MUCH FUN!!! I have a lot of respect for German soccer players. They play through some tough weather. I'd say I'm spoiled coming from California.
I hope to update again tomorrow sometime after our scrimmage...if not, sometime this weekend!

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