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Thursday, February 10, 2011


I love the bike I have ... Thanks to Bertis Bikes!!! :)

You better believe I will be posting a pic of my new bike named "Kat's Black Panther!" It's an all black bike ;)

The others named their bikes as well....

Chelsea - Pfeppermint
Jackie - Midnight Express
Caitlin- Basket Case (her bike has two baskets, ha!)

I have almost been hit by a car twice...and I've only had the bike 1 day! hahaha! I need to learn all the rules of the bikes here....People use bikes here MUCH MORE than where I live...

Well...we have been having training sessions, scrimmages and spinning classes....We have our first official game against a strong team this Sunday...everyone send good vibes over to Germany for me ;)

Hope all is well....and Valentine's Day is coming up....SOOOOO HAPPY V-DAY to everyone at home...Love all my family and friends soooo much! I'm sure I'll go buy myself a heart shaped cookie or something and call it a Happy Vday ;) hahahaha!!


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