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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's DAY!!!

I love Valentine's Day!!

I really enjoy anything celebrating love and happiness! :)

I hope all my family and friends have a wonderful day...even if they don't have a significant other...who cares! :)

I love you!
;) hahaha!

I will have a pastry for everyone!!!
really...nothing special since I've done it everyday since coming to Germany!

-Kat (aka) single gal in Germany ;)


  1. Hi Kat-
    Caroline and I have been reading your entries, cracking up! You are so funny. Everything sounds so interesting and exciting. We are happy to hear things are going well for you. The pictures are the best (even though they make Caroline miss you.) We can't wait to read about your game this Sunday. Make your mark and have a great game!!! Until then...stay away from cars during your bike rides!!!
    -Caroline and Grace

  2. Aw! Thanks for the message. I miss you too Caroline... I hope school is going well and you're practicing on your own with your soccer ball. Keep working on those skills! Read my new post...I fell hard off my bike last night...No snow, No ice...just a curb I didn't see...I'm cool like that ;)

    Miss you Guthrie Family!