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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Game Update!!!

We traveled to Keil today to play a match in some COLD weather. There was snow on the ground around the outskirts of the field. Brrr...

This was a MUST WIN game for us ... well, ALL of them are must wins if you ask me ;) But needless to say, this was an important game for us.

We started out the first half a bit shaky. I'd say we didn't control the ball as well as we can. I for one was a bit slower than normal and not quite on my A-game. We ended the first half 0-0. I was sore in the locker room at half time...at points in the game I felt like I was wrestling more than playing soccer. These Keil girls were all over us. Hitting from behind and grabbing shirts.

Anywho...the second half was much better for us. After a nice inspirational talk from coach, we went out there and showed Keil who we were. After getting fouled myself, Kim (German) our captain, took the free kick and scored a sweet goal!! Woo Hoo...go Kim!!! Then our second goal was of a cross from your's truly ... aka ME! ;) I crossed the ball and Chelsea (Ohio-American) faked a kick and it went by her to Jackie (Cali-American) who finished the ball lovely into the back of the net.
Our last goal came after Fattke (German) was fouled in the center of the field just past the 18yd box. She took the free kick and Marieke (German) helped it into the back of the net. We were SOOOO PUMPED!!!


We won our game today against Keil 3-0!!!

Our bus ride home and dinner were lots of fun ;)

Looking forward to our next game already!!! It will be a home game against a team named Oldesloe...I believe that's how it is spelled....

Hope all is well and everyone had a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

-KAT :)

PS...Thank goodness Lui was there before the game started for an important part of our win ;) 2 times!!! hahaha!

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