"Attitude is a choice. Think positive thoughts daily. Believe in yourself." -Pat Summit

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Moving ... for a little bit!!


I am moving to Williamsburg, VA from January until May! I will be living with my boyfriend Jeff and also got a head coaching job at a school out there. It will be nice to be able to maintain my residence in California as well as my soccerwithkat.com and still get a significant amount of time to spend with my boyfriend.

It's looking as though Easter break I will be heading to Cloppenburg for a visit! I hope to see as many people as I can when I get out there!

I miss everyone lots.


Monday, November 7, 2011


Well "Hallo" my friends in Germany. I am not sure if anyone even reads this anymore. Probably not since I've been so horrible at keeping it updated.


I've been really busy with www.soccerwithkat.com since I got home from Germany.
I have been flying back and forth to Virginia to visit with Jeff Dominguez (my boyfriend/former BVC player as well)
I started my Rosetta Stone online German Language courses. I want to be able to speak German fluent when I return to visit. I'm hoping to get back to Cloppenburg for a visit within this year.
I don't have any other job right now and I'm searching everyday for one because it is very expensive in California and I have no health insurance without a job :(
I hurt my knee and haven't been able to do much training.

I MISS everyone in Cloppenburg so much. I have been missing my friends, family and 2nd home so much lately. Especially since I started my German courses. Hopefully soon I will be writing most of my updates in Deutsch!

MISS EVERYONE and if anyone ever feels like writing to me... I would LOVE to hear from you!