"Attitude is a choice. Think positive thoughts daily. Believe in yourself." -Pat Summit

Friday, December 24, 2010


I've done double days every day this week and I'm hoping to get one last one in tomorrow. I'm planning on taking Christmas day as my day off and then picking right back up where I left off on Sunday!!

I've been doing lots of plyos, ball work, sprints, balance work, bands and long runs!

I'm feeling great...a little sore, but it feels good :0

It's time to celebrate Christmas and spend time with my wonderful family :) but, I also have to start packing up my apartment since I'm moving in about 5 days ---YIKES!

I just wanted to wish everyone out there a MERRY CHRISTMAS! I also will shout out a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

<3 Kat

Monday, December 20, 2010

The journey begins...soon!

Well, a week or so ago I recieved my flight information.

I leave January 14, 2011, which is 25 days away. I can't believe I'm
headed to live in another country in less than a month. I'm so excited for this adventure to begin.

I believe we get settled in to our place in Germany and shortly after head to Turkey with the team for camp prior to the 2nd half of the season starting!!!

I have lots to do in those 25 days!

- I have 5 days left of work at the beginning on January
- I have to move out of my apartment (some items in storage and some at my
parents house.
- I am training everyday up until I leave!
- I'm also coaching and doing private lessons up until the day I leave.

It's going to be a quick 25 days I think.

I'm so excited for the holidays. Hanging out with my family, working out with my brothers, lots of good movies to watch and tons of delicious food to eat.

I'll write again when the time gets even closer for me to head off. Please keep in touch through this blog. I'm going to try and post as often as I can!!

I will LOVE to recieve emails while I'm over in Germany as my phone will not be in service... kat.brenneman@yahoo.com

Hope everyone out there has a Happy Holiday...


<3 Kat