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Friday, February 18, 2011

It's been a while!!!

Sorry I haven't posted much ... Not too much to write about!

I have been sleeping and training a lot. We have our first official match coming up this Sunday at our home Stadium at 2pm!!

I'm excited to play our first game!!!!

We have just been meeting lots of new people and riding our bikes around town!

I FELL OFF MY BIKE last night....the four of us went to go train and get some extra practice in last night and on the way home in the dark I missed the curb and fell really hard off my bike...

It is funny NOW, but I was laughing and crying on the ground in the street. I hurt my knee a little bit and my elbow, but I think it is just a big bruise and cut and will be fine :)

Of course I fall off my bike...I'm sure that is no surprise to my friends and family back home...silly Kat/Kathleen/Gata ... right?!!? haha!

I got a lovely package this morning from a sweet lil girl I trained in US!! Amaya Menezes!! There were some American candy, magazine and a lovely card. It really made my morning and I wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

I look forward to updating you on how our game goes this weekend...we are playing the 1st place team, so it should be a tough match...we will be ready for it....Look out Hamburg, Kat Attack is gonna get ya!! ;) hahaha!


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