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Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Just to update everyone...things have been going pretty well here in Germany! :)

I'm still loving where I live, the people and the team...We won our game this past weekend on Easter Monday (Oster Montag)! --Hopefully I spelled that correctly. This was an important game and the team really came together and gave a strong effort to win the game. We beat Gutersloh 2-1 and were so excited to get the Win to secure us for relegation play. Tanja Baumann had her birthday that day and was able to give herself a birthday goal! It was so SUPER! :) Kim Schlosser another teammate finished a great ball. Another teammate who is currently recovering from knee surgery had her birthday that day as well...so it was great for our team and the birthday girls! :)

This coming weekend I will not be playing. I am currently injured more after this weekends game. I've had some issues with my foot and it is feeling pretty bad right now. I am thinking with some rest and smart recovery I will be good to play in the relegation games. I am looking forward to watching my teammates this weekend and screaming my head off in their support :)

It is getting much easier for me to understand German when I hear people speaking it...I can understand much more than I can speak. Each day I get a little better with the language...at least I think...most of the endings are incorrect, but I get the idea! HA!

We just celebrated Ea ster here...it was so nice...I was so excited to see the Easter Fires here in Germany. That is so mething different from the USA. Here they have these bonfires all over. We went to one in a smaller village close by and the fire was HUGE...after a little while of being at that bonfire, we went over to a friends house and had dinner while sitting by their bonfire...they found anything they could to burn: old desks, a couch and even a horse trailer....YES! hahaha!

I only have a little over 20 days left here in Germany before making the trip home to see my family, friends, soccer family and my little dog! I miss everyone so much in the US, but I am really getting sad about leaving Germany :(
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and all is well back home.

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