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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long Time No Post --- Part 1

For those of you out there that follow or check in with my blog...my apologies for not keeping it up to date!!!

It was a busy past couple of weeks for me. I was fortunate enough to have my mother visiting me in Germany and we had a blast!!! :)

I'm currently laying in bed sick with a cold. I woke up this past Sunday morning with a sore throat and it was a little worse on Monday. I'm starting to feel slightly better and have been in bed resting all day. I have a feeling tomorrow will be much better after today's rest! Anywho...so here we go...while I lay here in bed lets see if I can remember most of what I did while my mom was here in Germany!!!

My mom got here the day before I played the worst game of my life. I felt really bad that she has to watch me play so poorly ;) Anywho...after the game in the evening we were invited to our goalkeeper coaches' house and got to try all the traditional German foods. We had schnitzel, sausage, kraut, and other stuff that was delicious, but I can't remember the names!! haha! We also had Bavarian custard and ice cream as well as a variety of alcoholic beverages ;)

Mmmm...what a tasty and delicious evening that was ...

For the first few days my mom was here, we mostly relaxed and took in some sights around Cloppenburg. We shopped a little in the city, had lunch at the Bakery, rode bikes around town, went to the sauna and also saw the open air museum here in town called, Museumsdorf.

(funny note -- watching my mom ride a bike in Cloppenburg was very entertaining for me ;) LOVE YOU MOM!!)

After spending time seeing Cloppenburg, we decided to head off to Hamburg on our day off from training and check out the sights there...sadly Caitlin was sick at the time, but Jackie and Chelsea joined us on our trip to Hamburg. We did LOTS of walking and window shopping...ate ice cream of course, saw the Reeperbahn (pictures I can't post because of potential young audiences to my blog) and we had a lovely dinner and an amazing hotel/bar called Upper East!! What a fun short trip that was :)

Ok...so that was Hamburg...then when we got back, we had training and the following day a teammate of mine invited us to her hometown of Papenburg to see her home and also see what her town in known for, building cruise ships...this was a pretty cool sight to see. I had so much fun seeing how massive everything was and it makes me want to go on a cruise so badly now!!

We played a game the next Sunday and I was glad my mom was able to see another game...and not only see the horrible previous one we had played ;) haha! This time we played against Turbine Potsdam II and did very well. I scored a goal and was so excited my mom was able to see that :) Our whole team played so well and really worked hard. Sadly...during the second half of this game I lost vision in my right eye and was taken to the hospital -- OF COURSE right!! I know...I was so irritated and didn't know what was going on...everything has come back ok, my vision is good and I am good to go...

OK...so that was WEEK #1 of my mom being in Germany...

-Kat :)

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