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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Visitors to Cloppenburg and Game Day Tomorrow!!!

This past week there was a group on a Euro Soccer trip here in Cloppenburg. They were from Williamsburg, Virginia. We met them at the men's game on Friday and then trained their U13 girls team the following day. It was so fun to be with a group of young soccer players again! I love it :)
The kids, parents and people in charge were all great and it was a fun week getting to see them and have Americans in town :)
I hope they had a great time here in Cloppenburg and the surrounding areas they visited...I know I had a good time!

Well ... tomorrow we leave early in the morning for Magdeburg! We are looking to come away with a good win tomorrow :) I will let you know how the game goes!!! Wish us luck!!!


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  1. Hi Kat! I love that you found my blog! I know the kids had an awesome time - I think most of the parents did too. I only got to chat with my Kat for about a day- she got home Friday and Sunday I left for a trip to Korea. I'm still there!
    Hope your season goes well!