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Monday, August 15, 2011


It has been a while since I last wrote.

The visit with Hotte and Nadine was amazing. I had so much fun and it was exciting for them to get to see California, my hometown and meet lots of my family and friends. I hope they had as good of a time as I did :)

I have been coaching everyday all day. I am loving coaching all the time. Things are about to slow down a bit and my coaching will only be in the evenings. The kids went back to school this week.

I also met someone when I was in Germany and continued to keep in touch with him and well...we've started dating ;) He played for the BVC club before I was there, but he was out with kids for a Euro Soccer Trip. He lives in Virginia, but was out and met my family this past weekend. Great time :)

I am hoping and thinking I will be getting back to Cloppenburg in March for a visit :) I can't wait to come back and see everyone.

Miss you all so much!

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