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Monday, December 19, 2011

Frohe Weihnachten!!!

Frohe Weihnachten to all my friends in Cloppenburg.

I miss you all everyday. I still sit and think about
all the fun times I had in Cloppenburg and how much I miss the city, people and Germany. I sit and wish I was still able to play soccer. I wish I could just RUN right now. But with a torn knee that is difficult. I miss the smell of FROZEN grass ;) just kidding....I just like grass....not frozen grass! ha! The good news is: I got HEALTH INSURANCE finally ... this is such a big deal! :)

Jeff keeps telling me about his time in Cloppenburg and how great it is at Christmas time. I wish I was able to see it....maybe Christmas 2012 will be possible for me to visit :) I would LOVE that. I want to take this time to point out how grateful I was for the people I met in Cloppenburg....Nadine and Hotte, Coach Tanja, my wonderful teammates, the Schafers Hotel family and workers, BVC Zebra, BVC Fans and of course Lui!!! I miss you all very much and especially more around the holidays when you want to
be close to your family and friends. That is what all of you felt like to me....FAMILY!

Here is an update of the things happening in my life:
-I got Health Insurance - so now I can get healthy and start training or playing soccer for fun again!
-I got my logo made for my company ... www.soccerwithkat.com oder www.kickitwithkat.com
-I am putting together a big camp and hoping to fly out some BVC Frauen Players to help be coaches at the camp in California for a week.
-I'm moving to Virginia from January 25th-May 20th
-I'm going to be the Head Varsity Coach at Walsingham Academy
-I am hoping and planning a trip to Cloppenburg in April :)

There is a little update on what is happening in my life. I look online each week to see how the BVC Frauen team does in their games. It was looking good for a while and now it seems to have lost some matches. I'm sure after a nice winter break, the team will come back refreshed and ready to reclaim their position at the top of the table. I have faith in this team. It has been a strong one thus far in the season!

Once again...I will not be posting until after the holidays....so I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and gets to spend it with the people they care about the most.

Merry Christmas!

<3 Kat


  1. Hi, I write a blog about Puerto Rican soccer and I'm interested in contacting Jackie Cruz, who I understand was your teammate in Germany. Do you have an email or a twitter/facebook account where I can contact her? Your help will be very much welcomed.

  2. Ja.


    - Kat